Essential Tips For Concrete Core Drilling

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If you need to drill into concrete, you might be considering core drilling. This is when you drill holes into the concrete slab that is already in place, such as needing to drill a hole in a concrete patio in order to access the ground underneath. Here are some general tips to follow when you intend to drill holes into the concrete. 

Start With a Quality Drill

Drilling into hard surfaces like concrete always starts with choosing the right drill. You need to use a high-quality drill, preferably one that takes diamond drill bits. If you are only drilling a small diameter hole into the concrete, one of the handheld core drills should work fine. However, for deep or larger diameter drilling, you are better off using a rig-mounted drill. If you can't afford to purchase one, equipment and tool rental companies likely have one you can rent. When selecting the drill, also consider the type of power that is needed for the type of holes you need to drill into the material.

Don't Use Too Much Water

Some diamond core bits are considered 'wet' which means they need water in order to function. Just be careful not to use too much water, or you are going to have a hard time getting the job done. The water added does help the diamonds to grind at the concrete when you are working on core drilling into the surface. However, if you use too much water, the concrete grit is washed away, so the diamonds actually have a harder time with the drilling.

Use Barrel Bits For Deep Drilling

Some drilling is done a little deeper into concrete than other drilling, so the regular diamond drill bits might not be enough to get the job done. With deeper drilling, consider adding a barrel bit to your core drill. The barrel bits will provide an extension so that you can drill deeper into the concrete for your project needs. There are also different sizes of barrel bits that provide access to drilling at different depths into the concrete. Try to get measurements of how deep you need to drill into the concrete so you can compare those to what depth the different barrel bits will reach.

Practice Safety Precautions

Always err on the side of caution when you are drilling into concrete. Since the concrete dust can fly up to your face, always wear eye, mouth, and ear protection. It is also a good idea to only drill outside when there is a ground-fault circuit interrupter installed. This helps control the flow of current when you are working outside in wet conditions.


2 August 2016

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