Why Exposed Aggregate Would Be Ideal For Your Exterior Flooring


Generally, homeowners will resort to concrete for their exterior flooring requirements. Although this material is sturdy, it tends to be quite bland. As such, concrete flooring may not add much aesthetic value to the exterior of your home if you are looking to enhance its curb appeal. If you would want flooring that is both functional for the exterior as well as attractive, then you should consider exposed aggregate. This type of flooring is made up of concrete that has another medium incorporated into it such as pebbles, glass and more. So why would exposed aggregate be ideal for your exterior flooring? 

Exposed aggregate is durable flooring for exterior use

One of the main benefits of exposed aggregate is that it is a durable alternative when seeking exterior flooring. Outdoor flooring is exposed to a myriad of conditions. Not only does this flooring have to withstand heavy usage, but it also has to be able to withstand the changing elements of the weather. Making the wrong choice of flooring will mean having to engage in consistent repairs and replacement in order for your exterior flooring to remain attractive as well as in good condition. Exposed aggregate is a great option for this because it is not susceptible to premature wear and tear. It can withstand foot traffic, cars driving over it, rain, sleet, snow, ultraviolet rays from the sun and more. This makes it an ideal investment for exterior use. 

Exposed aggregate adds visual interest to your exterior flooring

Although exterior walkways and driveways tend to be basic in appearance, this does not have to be the case. If you would like to incorporate some visual interest outdoors, then you should consider exposed aggregate. With expose aggregate, you get to choose what medium will be added into the concrete by the contractors. If you would like the flooring to look natural, you could opt for pebbles as your choice medium. On the other hand, if you would like your flooring to glimmer and glisten in the sun, then you could have the contractors incorporate coloured glass as your choice medium. No matter what medium you choose, it will be make your flooring stand out more as when compared to plain concrete. 

Exposed aggregate will add traction to your exterior flooring

One concern with exterior flooring is its propensity to become slippery when wet. This can be especially dangerous during the winter months when the flooring is exposed to snow and rain on a constant basis. If you would like to reduce the risk of slips and falls, you should opt for exposed aggregate flooring. The exposed aggregate adds traction to the flooring, making it safer to walk and drive on. 


2 August 2016

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