Factors to Consider When Buying a Hammer Drill for a DIY Project


A hammer drill may be a great tool for you in case you would like to drill several holes through a concrete wall in your home. This article discusses some of the considerations that you should keep in mind as you buy a hammer drill for your DIY concrete-drilling project.

The Pounding Power

Hammer drills have two discs with ridges on their sides. Those discs move past each other as the drill is operated. This movement causes the chuck (the device that holds the discs) to slam forward and backwards. This pounding motion chips away at the concrete in the wall until the desired hole has been drilled. The magnitude of pounding depends on the power of the hammer drill. This power is usually given as the BPM (blows per minute) rating of that machine. Buy a hammer drill with the highest BPM you can afford. Such a hammer will complete the drilling task faster than a hammer drill with a lower BPM.

The Chuck Material

The chucks of hammer drills are made from different materials, such as plastic and metal. It is better for you to buy a hammer drill whose chuck is metallic. This is because that chuck will be more durable than a plastic one. This will save you from having to buy a replacement chuck within a short time.

How the Chuck is Secured

Some chucks require you to turn a key in order to secure them after replacing the rotating discs of your drill hammer. Others are keyless. Avoid the keyless versions if you can. This is because such chucks may not have a high holding power when compared to the ones that require a key. Consequently, the chuck will start wobbling within its mounts within a short time due to the vibrations generated as the hammer drill is used.

The Power Source

Some hammer drills use electricity supplied by a power cord attached to them. Others are cordless and use batteries for their operation. Consider your application before you buy a hammer drill. For instance, a cordless one may be better in case you will be using it outdoors where access to a power outlet is limited.

You will be able to select the best hammer drill for your needs if you think about the issues above when you are shopping for this addition to your DIY toolkit. Your concrete drilling tasks will be completed more quickly after that.


4 August 2016

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