Avoid These Mistakes When it Comes to Commercial Concreting


If you own a commercial property, you might need to have concreting done. Concrete is a sturdy and effective material to be used for a driveway, staircase, entryway, and many other projects. However, there are some common mistakes to avoid when pouring concrete to make sure you have a successful concreting experience.

Ignoring the Climate Conditions

When you are going to pour concrete on your commercial property, it is essential that you pay close attention to the weather and climate conditions. You need to have mild weather for concreting. If it is a very hot day, the wet concrete might cure too quickly, which can leave bubbles and an uneven texture. On the other hand, if it is too cold, it might take too long to cure. Also be careful about cloudy days when it might rain or snow, and avoid highly humid days. If you are using a contractor for the concreting project, they will know how to watch weather patterns and let you know a good day to have the project done.

Not Mixing the Concrete Properly

If you are going to pour the concrete yourself, you need to make sure you use the right concrete mix. If you add too much or too little water to the mix, the finished results will not be what you intended. The concrete package should have clear instructions about how to mix it, whether you do this manually or with a concrete mixer. A volumetric concrete mixer can be very useful for this and help to avoid any mixing mishaps.

Failing to use Reinforcements

Another common mistake made by people attempting to pour their own concrete is not using proper reinforcements. This is especially important when laying slabs of concrete, such as for a patio, walkway or driveway. If you are installing a new walkway leading up to your commercial building, you probably need reinforcement, such as metal and plastic fibres, added to the concrete. 

Not Giving it Enough Time to Cure

Make sure you are giving the concrete plenty of time to cure before walking or driving on it. If you don't let it cure for long enough, you might find that you leave footprints behind, or it may crack because you have heavy equipment placed on the concrete too quickly.

If you have questions about laying concrete on your commercial property or would like more information, contact concrete specialists like Liquid Rock Constructions Pty Ltd in your area.


5 August 2016

Creating a new parking zone

We have had a space out by the back of the shop for parking since the shop opened. But we noticed that fewer and fewer customers were using it and more customers mentioned the lack of parking in our area. It turned out that they didn't like parking on the back, unsealed lot as this made their shoes muddy and their car dirty. We used a concrete contractor to come and seal the carpark as well as mark out defined parking bays. The customers love it and we have noticed an increase in business. This site talks about how small businesses can create parking spaces with concreting to improve their customer experience.