What to Know When Choosing a Kerbing Contractor


When you want to either add beauty or functionality to an area through using concrete, you should ask your potential commercial kerbing contractors a few questions. The following three areas will help you find the knowledge you need before you sign a contract.


Ask what can be done to strengthen the concrete. Different companies have a 'default' way they strengthen their concrete; however, they normally offer various options if you know to ask. The importance of asking about this is vital. You do not want your concrete to crack easily as a result of vicious weather. Paying for a little extra strengthening at the beginning can prevent you from having to have the piece re-done a few years later. This is especially true if your area is known to have drainage issues as those problems can be reflected as your concrete wears down easily. Be in the offensive.

Ask your contractor about a sealant that can give the concrete strength and take their recommendation for how much and how often to apply said sealant. You do not want to apply too much sealant which would cause the water to pool around the concrete, causing more damage than help.


Ask about the contractor's warranty policy. Do they repair damages on the piece if the damages occur within a certain time frame? A company that does not provide a warranty may not trust in themselves. If there are exceptions to the warranty, you should know. For example, if you are not careful and mistreat the kerbing, then you will be responsible for the damage. Knowing beforehand the exceptions that some companies have vs. others can help you be prepared ahead of time and select the company that best fits your needs.


Ask to see come examples of the work the company has done. If you need some kerbing contracting done in a very specific manner, looking for a company that already has practice in that area can help you select a contractor that is guaranteed to do an excellent job. If you know anyone who has contracted a kerbing contractor in the past, ask them their recommendation and experience. Some contractors may specialize in certain areas of kerbing, so be sure to specify what you will want done. As you discuss the above three points with the contractor, you will be able to identify which company most suits your needs.


8 August 2016

Creating a new parking zone

We have had a space out by the back of the shop for parking since the shop opened. But we noticed that fewer and fewer customers were using it and more customers mentioned the lack of parking in our area. It turned out that they didn't like parking on the back, unsealed lot as this made their shoes muddy and their car dirty. We used a concrete contractor to come and seal the carpark as well as mark out defined parking bays. The customers love it and we have noticed an increase in business. This site talks about how small businesses can create parking spaces with concreting to improve their customer experience.