Benefits Of Concrete Resurfacing For Your Driveway Or Patio


If you have a concrete driveway or patio and want to update your home, why not undertake a concrete resurfacing project? It will rejuvenate the surface to give your home a fresh appeal. Here are several benefits.

Prolongs The Life Of Your Surface 

Rather than ripping up the existing concrete, you can put down a cement overlay and decorate it in any way you wish. This prolongs its lifespan and reduces the labour and materials required for a more significant overhaul. If your patio shows cracks or the driveway is looking worn, you can rejuvenate them. Overlays are possible if your surface has minor flaws rather than significant structural damage. 

Offers New Design Possibilities

Even though you are working with what you have, because you are adding an overlay, you have total design freedom to create virtually any look you want. Would you like a surface that looks like slate or one filled with river pebbles? Stamped concrete or exposed aggregate can produce these results. 

Concrete is an extremely versatile material, and you can colour and texture it in limitless ways. Colour methods include adding pigments to the cement mix or staining the surface to mimic slate, flagstone, brick or cobblestone. Stamps and texture mats create a variety of textures. 

Rather than stick to one surface, you can mix and match techniques to create a stunning exterior. On a driveway, you could create a border of look-a-like travertine pavers, with a different texture in the middle section. Draw inspiration from the hues in your home's architecture and the surrounding landscape.

Easier Than Total Replacement

Replacing concrete requires tearing out of the old surface, whereas resurfacing concrete using an overlay requires much less labour, time and money. Breaking up the old concrete is a significant task which can add days to the project. Pouring an overlay will require fewer materials, which also helps to reduce costs. 

Durable And Low Maintenance

Concrete is exceptionally durable and a wise choice when updating your home. It withstands all kinds of weather and doesn't rot or warp, so it's ideal for pool decks as well. Even though your concrete can mimic natural stone pavers, it won't allow weeds to grow in between. Thus, you won't have to undertake tiresome weeding, which can turn into a major job across a large surface. The texture techniques also create a non-slip surface with traction, which is particularly essential for sloping driveways.


22 July 2019

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